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Income Tax Refund Reissue Process

Income tax refund reissue process

The process for requesting an income tax refund re-issuance and handling bank account validation via the e-filing portal is meticulously crafted to guarantee the accurate and secure disbursal of tax refunds. Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide for navigating this process:

Routing Refunds to Pre-Validated Bank Accounts: It is imperative to understand that tax refunds will exclusively be transferred to bank accounts that have undergone pre-validation. In the event of a refund being unable to be processed, taxpayers have the option to initiate a service request through the e-filing portal. This action should be taken in response to communication received from the Centralized Processing Center (CPC).

Income tax refund reissue process

STEP 1: Access the e-Filing Portal: Commence by visiting the e-Filing Portal at

STEP 2: Enter 'My Account': Navigate to the 'My Account' section within the portal.

STEP 3: Select 'Service Request': Click on the 'Service Request' link.

STEP 4: Designate Request Type: Opt for 'New Request' as the request type.

STEP 5: Specify Request Category: Choose 'Refund Reissue' as the request category and proceed by clicking 'Submit.'

STEP 6: Furnish Necessary Information: The portal will present vital particulars such as your PAN (Permanent Account Number), Return Type, Assessment Year (A.Y), Acknowledgment Number, Communication Reference Number, Reason for Refund Failure, and Response.

STEP 7: Submit Your Response: Click on the 'Submit' hyperlink beneath the 'Response' column.

STEP 8: Select Your Bank Account: A list of pre-validated bank accounts bearing the status 'validated' or 'validated and EVC enabled' will be exhibited. Opt for the bank account to which you desire the tax refund to be deposited and click 'Continue.'

STEP 9: Verify Bank Account Details: Scrutinize the displayed data such as Bank Account Number, IFSC (Indian Financial System Code), Bank Name, and Account Type to confirm its accuracy.

Important Considerations:

Should you not possess any pre-validated bank accounts, the portal will guide you to the Prevalidate Bank Account Screen. You must input all pertinent bank account information and then click 'Prevalidate' to proceed with the request submission. After your bank has validated the account, it will be automatically considered for refund re-issuance and will be visible under 'Pre-validated bank accounts' on the e-filing portal.

If the pre-validation of your bank account encounters an issue, CPC will get in touch with you. To address this, you must resubmit your request for refund re-issuance or bank account pre-validation.

If your details are accurate and options for electronic verification become available in a dialogue box, you can choose the suitable e-verification method and generate/enter the Electronic Verification Code (EVC) or Aadhaar OTP as applicable to proceed with your request submission.

If you have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) registered in your profile, you can create the signature file by downloading the 'DSC Management Utility' and uploading it to continue with the submission.

Confirmation: After completing these steps, you will receive a success message affirming the submission of your Refund Re-issue request.

Checking Request Status: To inquire about the status of your submitted Refund Re-issue request, access the e-Filing Portal, visit 'My Account,' click on 'Service Request,' choose 'Request Type' as 'View Request,' and designate 'Request Category' as 'Refund Reissue.' Subsequently, click 'Submit.'

This Income tax refund reissue process is designed to empower taxpayers in effectively managing their tax refund requests and bank account validations via the user-friendly e-filing portal, thereby enhancing precision and security within the income tax system.


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