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Streamline your tax refund journey with our comprehensive and transparent advisory solutions for GST, Income tax & Customs refunds and more.


who we are?

India Refunds is India’s first and only advisory firm dealing with issues related to tax refunds of Income Tax and GST. We are a professional team of Senior Ex-Commissioners of Income Tax and GST departments, assisted by able CAs and Lawyers who have expertise in the field of Direct and Indirect Taxation. We ensure that we unblock your legitimate refunds in a fast and transparent manner.

GST Refund firms in India

why us? 

With fully automated digital procedures to credit refunds directly into your bank accounts, withheld or delayed refunds indicate a problem.

Our expertise is in refund issues of Income Tax and GST departments. We have a deep understanding of procedural and legal hurdles, which could lead to withholding or blocking of refunds.


We specialise in retrieving your money back in a legitimate and hassle free way. We do this quickly and effectively, while ensuring legality of our services, which includes consultation, representation and litigation.

Your refund journey made simple

Our team of Ex-Commissioners backed by able Chartered Accountants and Lawyers are proficient in dealing with Tax Authorities and work with a 3 level strategy

Step 1

Understanding the refund procedures and legal issues in detail, we prepare and follow up effective representations to the authorities at the relevant levels. This includes Finance Ministry or higher

Step 2

Being well acquainted with the grievance procedures, we submit grievances to relevant forums and effectively represent you, to facilitate the refunds due.

Step 3 

We initiate appropriate legal remedies as per law, before the relevant tribunals or courts, and ensure that your refunds are released to you, at the earliest. 

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our services

we are the finest.

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  • CGST Refunds 

  • SGST Refunds 

  • IGST Refunds


"Absolutely fantastic Service. Helped us to get an income tax refund of 7.2 Crores within 60 days. Thank you India Refunds."




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14A, Jolly Maker Chamber II,V. K. Shah Marg,
Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021.

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